PT. Syam Surya Mandiri placed in Anggana, district in Kutai Kartanegara, East Kalimantan Province. The region consist of coastal area in Mahakam river estuary which potential for cultured shrimps enhancement.


PT. Syam Surya Mandiri is one of three cold storage plant in Anggana, especially on frozen shrimps activities. This plant built as an implementation to support  municipal authority aim to develop agriculture in wider application as stated on Kutai Kartanegara Mission and Vision “ Rapid Development and Utilization of Kutai Kartanegara (GERBANG DAYAKU).


Furthermore, high supply of sea caught and cultured shrimps is the main reason why Anggana was chosen for the business, also to assist East Kalimantan Provincial Authority achievement (Three Main Priority): Human resources development, rise of infrastructure, and agriculture advance .